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Looks like a briefcase, acts like a stove! This handy guy boils your water in 3 minutes, allows you to cook more than one thing at a time because the burners operate independently, and – best of all – has side shields to keep the wind from blowing out your fire! There’s a twist-click ignition so you don’t need matches, and the fuel line and regulator are built in so you don’t have to hunt them down when you’re hungry and ready to cook. It comes in various sizes to fit your particular camp cooking needs, so check one out at

Outfitter Class Camp BucketLife is messy, and you’ll need a place to clean up at your campsite. Enter, the Seattle Sports Camp Bucket. This little soft-side beauty holds more than 3 gallons of water, has a scuff-resistant bottom, and – best of all – folds into a tube twice the length of your toothpaste for storage. Seattle Sports also makes collapsible rectangular sinks and a a water bowl for Fido. You can find this bucket for $13 at


Finally – have you seen the King Kong camp chair? It’s the only folding carry-bag chair we’ve ever seen that’s guaranteed to hold 800 lbs! If you’re a body builder, or the grand kids all want to play Hop on Pop, or if you just had one too many pieces of pie last night, we’re reasonably certain this chair can take it. So are the manufacturers, because they guarantee the product for life. It’s powder-coated steel with 600-dernier fabric that’s padded on the seat and back, and has two beverage holders and two hanging pockets. It weights 13 lbs, so it might not be the chair you want to take on a 10 mile hike, but otherwise, this is the flagship of lounging by the fire without falling into it. Read more about it at

We do love seeing what cool new things are available for camping lovers, but nothing compares to just getting after it! So whether you’re one that packs a canteen and not much else, or one that can’t leave without the kitchen sink, we wish you safe travels, and come camp with us soon at Millwood Landing RV Park.

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