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One of the positive things about buying a new RV is that it comes decorated and furnished inside for you. But when thinking about that, there is the realization that hundreds of other people are purchasing the same ‘home’ as you. There are several tips and ways to decorate and personalize your RV into your own home on the road.

The first place people will notice when they climb aboard tends to be the living area. Make a new cover for the throw-pillows by purchasing a fun, bright fabric to bring a new warmth of color. Try finding a local arts and crafts store and search for the right fabric for you. Many people do not have sewing options, but there is the iron-on adhesive that will work to keep the seams together. Also think about purchasing enough fabric to make matching curtains for the windows.

The next place to think of is the kitchen. Many kitchens come with the nice wooden cabinetry, so consider painting the walls of the surrounding area. If there is extra room on the wall, add more cabinet space that will help with organization, and appearance. If your RV has bench seating, reupholster them as well. Also, there is adhesive flooring (both the look of tile or wooden) that can be placed on top of the current kitchen floor to the whole new look.

Bathroom ideas can include many new things such as adding new mirrors; painting the walls; new shower curtains; and adding new backsplash and countertops. With the bathroom being one of the smaller areas in the RV, these are simple tasks that can take only a day or two.

The style of the bedroom can change with the quick purchase of a bedspread. Pictures can be placed on the wall (make sure they are firmly attached with the road travel ahead!) as well as additions into the closets for more space.

Adding to your RV to help customize it can always bring you a sense of home when you become a full-time RVer, or when you are on a weekend getaway. What other tips do you have?

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