Winter 2023 Update

Millwood Landing RV and Golf Resort beckons travelers with the promise of an unforgettable experience. From the stunning natural surroundings to the challenging golf course and a host of amenities, this resort provides a perfect escape for those seeking a harmonious blend of relaxation and recreation.

We have continued working hard to improve our golf course, not only for our members but also for our guests to have the best experience we can offer. We continue to make small improvements to our golf course making it better each day. We also made repairs to our swimming pool to keep it up and going for all to enjoy!

If you haven’t met Suzanne Husemann, come out and let her know how good the resort is looking. Suzanne grew up less than a half mile from the resort. She used to swim in the pool as a child while her brother and cousins played golf. She’s done everything from accounting, Emergency Medicine, working in an ambulance and the ER, from public relations to HR. Recently, she moved back close to the resort to take care of family. She’s excited to be at the resort to help with all the members and guests that pass through everyday.

We will be continuing to improve Millwood Landing over the next year to make sure it remains the best it can be to give our members a truly relaxing experience while they are here to visit. One of the major projects coming up is to completely redo many of our cabins to give them a fresh look!

We pride ourselves on the peacefulness and laidback atmosphere we provide here for anyone looking to just get away and relax. We have horseshoes and cornhole, fishing in ponds and lake, golfing, and we are a mile away from Millwood Lake where some of the best fishing is available. We look forward to seeing all of you in the spring as well as all the new guests and their families!

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